Xombie, I Have Seen Things

So when Google was new - and YouTube not yet invented I had learned how to get my voice actor web page at www.geoffedwards.ca near the top of Google (the page is now a re-direct to geoffedwards.media). That's how I met a talented animator in the early 00s named James Farr (Twitter: @jamesrfarr). We collaborated on some short animation projects. Me doing sounds and voice. We both worked hard at promoting what we were doing and we clicked. Then James shared a script for Xombie; a story about an un-dead man who had somehow maintained his intelligence and was able to suppress his zombic urges. Named Dirge, the lead character was on a mission to save a child from the zombie hordes.  I voiced the lead character, the antagonist robotic monsters and incidental sounds and recorded and directed the then child actor who played the lead character's protectorate Zoe. With each new episode the buzz increased about this series and we had a hit, with 13 million downloads. There was a DVD release in 2009. The entire web series became available on Netflix in the US. You might be able to watch it PPV, on Play Station Network. This year James announced a reboot, this time on his YouTube channel to his now 180,000 subscribers .

Yesterday James and I had a long chat. He told me things and showed me things, of which I can not speak.  I heard stuff too, again my NDA agreement prevents me from speaking. But let me just say it appears that we are close to hearing a lot more about a new Xombie animated web series.  I saw how characters now appear, as ten years has past since the end of the series and the lives of these characters. James has poured a lot of energy into creating what we hope will be another hit series. I look forward to the reprise of the character that resonated with so many all those years ago. “I am Dirge”

Twitter: #xombiedirge

James Farr - courtesy www.jamesfarr.com

James Farr - courtesy www.jamesfarr.com