Trainsformers Remastered

The original version of Trainsformers was viewed 64 million times before being delted by HIT Entertainment, even so hundreds of low res copies have been shared over the years. To celebrate the 10th anniversary James Farr the series creator has uploaed this remastering the original animation in HD 1080p.

Mine is the voice of the narrator and the nemesis Megatrain.

Here I Come Again

I have a diverse media skill set and I am constantly working to improve my output. Sometimes good old voice acting takes a back seat. But the ahem, older I get the more I realise that voice acting will be a staple of my senior years. The link is to a cool parody script. The script and video were written and produced by a long time collaborator and friend Bob Fugger. Happy April Fools!

Xombie Dead Ahead - new episode announced for October 10th, 2018

This animation is the work or an international team all driven and directed by the quite amazing James Farr. I recorded the part of Dirge in this episode months back. I have not seen it. So I am just as excited about this announcement as anyone. Also this episode will reveal my character’s latest iteration, I have only seen still images and have not seen him animated. On pins and needles here. ;)

March 1st, 2017 What A Fun Day!

I have been following along as fans of the original web series wake up to find that Xombie has been Reanimated by it's creator James Farr. It's Xombie, Dead Ahead, watch for all the homages to the flash series from ten years ago; with mountain scenery inspired by the Fraser Valley(?!) Yeah I live in South Western British Columbia, Canada, actually, it's a long story. The new series has an original score by Joshua Peterson and voice actors from three countries.



Xombie, Dead Ahead

I have played my part in Episode 1. of Dead Ahead, the exciting revisiting of the successful web series Xombie. Interestingly as in real life ten years has passed in our story and that's about all I can say. Why? NDA stands for non disclosure agreement. ;) Suffice to say watch this space or any of my social media channels for updates. And after ten years count me as excited! 

Twitter: #xombiedirge


Just like that! I was an Image Voice - now I am in hustle mode. My more than ten year long association with APTN has come to an end as the television network shifted their branding. I can do a Monty Python-like women's voice, but you know that's not what they were looking for. It was not totally unexpected, I am not whining. But there is a hole in my voice over income that needs filling. If you can recommend this Canadian voice actor's work to any of your colleagues I would be most appreciative. Hey look! You can share this post!

Xombie, I Have Seen Things

So when Google was new - and YouTube not yet invented I had learned how to get my voice actor web page at near the top of Google (the page is now a re-direct to That's how I met a talented animator in the early 00s named James Farr (Twitter: @jamesrfarr). We collaborated on some short animation projects. Me doing sounds and voice. We both worked hard at promoting what we were doing and we clicked. Then James shared a script for Xombie; a story about an un-dead man who had somehow maintained his intelligence and was able to suppress his zombic urges. Named Dirge, the lead character was on a mission to save a child from the zombie hordes.  I voiced the lead character, the antagonist robotic monsters and incidental sounds and recorded and directed the then child actor who played the lead character's protectorate Zoe. With each new episode the buzz increased about this series and we had a hit, with 13 million downloads. There was a DVD release in 2009. The entire web series became available on Netflix in the US. You might be able to watch it PPV, on Play Station Network. This year James announced a reboot, this time on his YouTube channel to his now 180,000 subscribers .

Yesterday James and I had a long chat. He told me things and showed me things, of which I can not speak.  I heard stuff too, again my NDA agreement prevents me from speaking. But let me just say it appears that we are close to hearing a lot more about a new Xombie animated web series.  I saw how characters now appear, as ten years has past since the end of the series and the lives of these characters. James has poured a lot of energy into creating what we hope will be another hit series. I look forward to the reprise of the character that resonated with so many all those years ago. “I am Dirge”

Twitter: #xombiedirge

James Farr - courtesy

James Farr - courtesy

Saddened Today

Bert was an unofficial mentor to me but he didn't know it. I was a fan of his radio style before we met. He had a great sense of humor and was generous with his talents. In the early to mid nineties I worked on a sound design and recording project that needed a powerful audio work station, which I didn't yet have. I "rented" Bert's Pro Tools rig at the home studio he was building near Mission, BC the rate was tilted heavily in my favor. Later when I was developing a webcast he donated his voice for our idents. I lost contact with him in recent years and just heard that he has passed away. I am saddened to hear we will not meet again.

Throwback Thursday

Apart from the over-done ending video flourish the main content still stands up for me. What are you writing today? Need a voice for that? 

Short Story Episode (voiceacting)

I wrote a short story to practice reading fiction. Yes, even after all these years earning a living with a microphone I still need to practice. Like for a musician, the nuance and emotion need continuous practice to perfect.  I wrote, voiced and recorded a Short Story you should listen.

(language may not be appropriate for all listeners, listener discretion is advised)

When Content Creation Is Your Business

When your business is content it’s easy to find stuff to share online. I create content for social media and as a voice actor help others do the same. Sharing is cool but engaging viewers is the actual challenge. Likes and comments are an appreciated stroke. But content that people want to share with their friends, is the goal. Which brings me to this.

The gorgeous imagery, the edits and the Direction given to me with the read made this piece really work and for me it is highly shareable. Watch: Vancouver Island Tourism

A Blogger?

I have been hesitant to write a blog for fear of becoming one of those blogs with huge gaps. You know the kind, several posts dated closely together and then nothing for weeks. I have a lot of respect for anyone who has demonstrated stamina and consistency with a regular blog. I started to blog and created a page but chickened-out last November. I had the page but never made it public.  Pfft! I might not be a blogger. You'll have to come back to see. ;)

I wrote a third episode today.

I wrote a third episode of my short story  today. I have found a method that is working for me. I write by speaking into a recorder app  on my phone while on my morning walk. Then when home I edit and transcribe the audio using a word processor. Then step into my recording room with a script to read and record. The resulting audio is running for about a minute per instalment.  I am enjoying the creative exercise.

Morning walks have become creative thinking time. 

Morning walks have become creative thinking time. 

A Short Story

I love to read fiction. But I can't just take any author's script and read it on my web site. So I found a work around. I am writing my own short. Reading it in one minute episodes. I don't know where this is going or if I have the stamina required to write anything lengthy. But the voice actor in me does get to read fiction out loud...