I Am Geoff Edwards, This Is My Story

I record my voice near Vancouver, BC and send to where it is needed.  TV - the Web - Other Producers - Agencies - sometimes in other countries ...  I have developed a set of media skills that are coming in handy.  

Geoff Edwards

Geoff Edwards

Born on the east coast of England in a little sea-side town...  I bought my first transistor radio when I was  8 or 9 years old and I tuned in to Pirate Radio.  Did you see the movie Pirate Radio? Well, my imagination was awoken to a couple of possibilities. One. People actually had fun and presumably got paid for it... and two, being in entertainment looked a lot like playing and getting paid for it. Something in my brain went click.

Eventually my family came to Canada and settled in south western British Columbia. In Junior High school I got into drama and even edited an 8mm film with other students - a group of us wrote a play as an extra project and performed it  - I had several great teachers but one was a professional wrestler and my drama teacher - One. it looked like a lot of what he was doing was playing and getting paid for it.  Two. grade nine and I already knew what I wanted do!

It has not always been easy or play - I was fired from my first radio job when i was 17. The guy said, "you'll never make in this business kid - With an accent like that no one is hiring - I'm doing you a favour so think about doing something else." But I really wanted it,  call it teenage rebellion but I was not going to let this guy change my course...

So from Junior High school on when I watched movies I wanted to know how they were made - I wanted to act - I wanted to entertain like that- I wanted in on these crafts that fascinated me.

Several years later  I had learned to speak Canadian - it was my first voice acting gig. I was re-hired at radio and progressed through a number of positions in the business including commercial producer. This meant  - experimentation with sounds - technology - and what we now call Sound Design.

After working hard at community radio and even harder on moving up the ladder, I was hired to host a weekly time slot for CBC and spent eight and half years  hosting both The Canadian Top 20 and Coast To Coast.  Importantly I computerized to help with writing 1300 words a week; my first computer was a Commodore 64. I was a music journalist with a national radio audience. To me these were a couple of the most fun, best possible jobs in Canadian radio.  

I also worked on TV guest interviewing recording-acts that were touring through Vancouver for national TV shows.   Which lead to me eventually writing and hosting a show on a Vancouver TV station CKVU for a couple of seasons.

I also got to interview some musical legends like Robbie Robertson, KD Lang and Joni Mitchell for starters...

Afterwards I built a small recording studio at Cultus lake where I worked  with developing recording artists and wrote and produced radio commercials.  I always embrace tech. and I experimented with the new thing called the Internet.  While others saw it as a digital text based distribution system through my lens it was  a broadcasting network.  

I  got into streaming media and associated with people that shared my vision of the internet.  I had learned that there was money to be made with fewer moving parts and opportunities existed if you had a web site.  So I scaled back the recording studio and marketed myself.   Drawing on my broadcast production experience:  as Voice- Actor, Sound Designer, Writer Producer and I began to build my presence on-line.  

If you are a creative person - I hope you have found a pursuit for which you are passionate - so much so that you won't let anyone or anything hold you back from pursuing.  Because I see nothing but opportunity in the creative field -  no matter what your endeavour or where you live. 

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